The Basics of Blended Learning

Blended Learning Elementary

The term Blended learning is used to indicate a didactic procedure, which utilizes a variety of methods to teaching, such as collaboration software, web lessons and knowledge management practices. It combines face-to face, e- learning and self-paced learning with the help of the teacher.

The goal of blended learning is to offer the most effective and successful experience of instruction and the combination of the abovementioned methods. First, the students start the educational process on conventional educational foundations. Then, they are given the controlled possibility of access in the content and the design of the didactic object or a part it, with the use of internet technology, the possibility of communication between each other and with the educator.

Therefore, the pupil can learn in an autonomous way or with the help of a co-pupil or the educator, while he/she can use linguistic and symbolic forms of communication and representation of knowledge.