Year 3 Miss Helen & Miss Evie Week 4/12/2017-8/12/2017

Monday 4/12/2017

Scientists: They read the first two chapters of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and they answered comprehension questions.

Explorers: They read the first chapter of Fantastic Mr. Fox and they answered comprehension questions.


Tuesday 5/12/2017


Christmas rehearsal. We continued working on Fantastic Mr. Fox activities.

Wednesday 6/12/2017




Thursday 7/12/2017


We worked on our books. Learner's book: The pupils described the 2 pictures on page 11. Then the children were given a noun and they had to describe it in different words. p.ex. car: blue, red, new, old, fast, slow, heavy, dirty, clean. The adjectives were written down into the flipbooks. 


Activity book: Explorers: They wrote the alphabet and then we explained the exercises we have for homework.

                      Scientists: They identified the verb to be in the past, present and future form.



Friday 8/12/2017

Christmas Rehearsal


Spelling bee


Free project draw! Agapi and Semina we are looking forward to your presentations!!!